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About us

We are a platform company that integrates and shares resources with R&D, production, supply chain and foreign trade services.
We focus on the product side and provide R&D, production and resource integration and sharing services.

We are a global resource integration and sharing company mainly engaged in factory production + agent procurement + business docking and consulting services,which localed in the largest and the most innovative manufacturing center of consumer electronics all over the world-Shenzhen.

Our factory mainly produce electronic products:such as Power banks, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headsets,Mobile phone holders, Chargers and other mobile&computer accessories;smart wear, smart home, solar lights and other life products and gift products. 
Most of our overseas customers are from Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Australia,they are large supermarkets and distributors, distributors, traders; and most of our domestic clients are government agencies, large listed companies, real estate, banks, tourism agencies and so on.

As  a global resource integration and sharing company, we have been deeply cultivating in the field of product-side resource integration for many years, and constantly expanding our product routes and categories. We also have strong cooperation in the fields of household items, outdoor products, stationery, pet supplies, clothing, shoes and hats. 
There are also many successful cases in the factory and procurement channels: for example, the procurement projects of  medical equipment and pet supplies for some US large-scale MARTs;The procurement projects of Water sports supplies and outdoor products,clothing for some large water parks in France, Thailand; the projects of packaging, wine glasses, tableware and custom promotional gift  for many well-known wine brand companies in USA, France, Poland; the  projects of furniture, home appliances, clothing products, Christmas and New Year gift customization for a large home chain brands with more than 200 physical stores in Europe; the gift customization projects for Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, CITIC Real Estate , Country Garden and so on.

Our vision is to connect you and me, build a network of people with efficient recycling of resources, reduce waste of resources, and let the earth of human life shine in the universe more in the long run!
You are welcome to work with us with a vision of the future to get the more efficient value you are pursuing!



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